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I'm real, I'm raw, and I'm ok sharing the hard stuff.  I hope it helps someone, maybe even you!

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I am so thrilled to welcome Mike Duffy to my podcast. Mike is an author, philanthropist, and the founder of the Happiness Hall of Fame.  The Happiness Hall Of Fame is a non-profit that recognizes special people that have advanced the cause of happiness throughout the world. The hall was founded to celebrate and encourage […]

7 Ways To Be Happier, Lessons Learned From the Happiness Hall of Fame


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One of the biggest life lessons I am working on is patience, and my patience has paid off in this case! I finally had the opportunity to sit down with one of the members of Our Collective Journey, also known as OCJ.   My guest is Ryan Oscar, one of three co-founders of OCJ and the […]

From Darkness To Life

Addictions, Mental Health

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I don’t know if I can contain my excitement about this episode….I have been lookin’ forward to this one being published since the second I hit the stop recording button…..because the topic is SEX and INTIMACY, and let’s be really REAL for a minute….both are incredibly important, am I right?! My guest today knows her […]

The 4 Intimacy Styles


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For this episode of Hard Beautiful Journey, I am elated to finally introduce you to someone who has not just helped me through the darkness but has guided me to the light, my psychologist and friend Jenna Fortinski. Jenna is the creator of Simply Counselling Services, a therapy practice whose mission is to help maintain […]

Find Someone Who Won’t Let You Fall

Mental Health

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